Agatha Christie's Spider's Web

Showing: 6 July - 9 September

"Suppose I were to come downstairs one morning and find a dead body lying here, what would I do?” wonders Clarissa. And lo and behold, as is the way with all good Agatha Christie thrillers, she soon finds...


Perfect Wedding

Showing: 28 September - 18 November

Imagine... A bridegroom wakes in the bridal suite on his wedding morning, with his bride-to-be about to arrive at any moment, and finds beside him – a naked girl. What’s more, an extremely attractive naked girl whom, in...


My Fair Lady

Showing: 23 November - 27 January

The story of Eliza Dolittle – the Cockney flower girl who speaks in ‘yowls’ and not ‘vowels’, plucked off the streets of London by the arrogant Professor Higgins declaring he can pass her off as a Duchess in...


The Hound of the Baskervilles

Showing: 1 February - 17 March

Sir Charles Baskerville dies in mysterious circumstances. A look of fear and terror on his face. Legend has it there is a curse on the family – a curse in the form of a gigantic, ferocious, glowing...