My Fair Lady

Showing: 23 November - 27 January

The story of Eliza Dolittle – the Cockney flower girl who speaks in ‘yowls’ and not ‘vowels’ – has rightfully captivated audiences for decades. Add to this an unforgettable score including songs Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?, On The...


The Hound of the Baskervilles

Showing: 1 February - 17 March

Sir Charles Baskerville dies in mysterious circumstances. A look of fear and terror on his face. Legend has it there is a curse on the family – a curse in the form of a gigantic, ferocious, glowing...


Move Over, Mrs Markham

Showing: 19 April - 2 June

The setting is an elegant London flat belonging to the happily married Philip and Joanna Markham. Philip, a straight-laced publisher of children’s books, has reluctantly agreed to let Henry Lodge, his partner, borrow the apartment for the evening...


Agatha Christie's The Unexpected Guest

Showing: 7 June - 28 July

A dark and foggy evening causes a driver to run his car into a ditch. He makes his way to an isolated house where he discovers a woman standing over the dead body of her wheelchair-bound husband. A...