Peter James' Dead Simple

Showing: 19 January - 11 March

Michael Harrison has it all - good looks, charm, a successful career and to top it all he is about to marry the most beautiful girl in the world.But when Michael’s friends decide to pull the ultimate wedding...


Improbable Fiction

Showing: 16 March - 6 May

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house sat six members of Pendon Writers’ Circle. All suffering the same predicament - Writer’s block!Jess writes bodice rippers. Grace creates children’s stories. Vivvi has completed her 6th crime...


Don't Dress for Dinner

Showing: 11 May - 1 July

With his wife out of town, an alibi from his best friend Robert, and Suzette, a Cordon Bleu cook, lined up to prepare gourmet delights, debonair Bernard thinks he’s planned the perfect romantic weekend for his glamorous French...


Agatha Christie's Spider Web

Showing: 6 July - 26 August

"Suppose I were to come downstairs one morning and find a dead body lying here, what would I do?” wonders Clarissa. And lo and behold, as is the way with all good Agatha Christie thrillers, she soon finds...