Sherlock Holmes' most chilling mystery...


1 February - 17 March

Evening shows from Tues - Sat.
Saturday matinees every week.
Sunday matinees from 11 Feb.

Sir Charles Baskerville dies in mysterious circumstances. A look of fear and terror on his face. Legend has it there is a curse on the family – a curse in the form of a gigantic, ferocious, glowing Hound of Hell – that brings death to each successive head of the Baskerville family. And when Sir Henry Baskerville returns from overseas to claim his inheritance and property on the treacherous terrain of darkest Dartmoor, he calls on the renowned Sherlock Holmes to help him solve the mystery of his uncle’s violent death. Is there really a revenge-seeking Hound? Or are there other evil motives at work?

Holmes and Watson’s most chilling case is brought imaginatively to the stage in the style of the West End hit The 39 Steps. This legendary plot has been given a new life by father and son team, Simon and Tam Williams.

You will be shocked. And scared. As well as amused. And entertained. As this intriguing story full of horror and thrills unfolds before you.

Directed By:
Tam Williams
Written By:
Arthur Conan Doyle