Become a Mill Angel

Create a lasting legacy & receive even more rewards

Become a lifelong 'Mill Angel' by putting a name to one of our theatre seats. The perfect way to celebrate your love of theatre whilst making a real difference to our work. For £2500 you can become a named benefactor of The Mill,either as an individual or company, or make it a wonderful birthday, anniversary or wedding gift, or a very special tributein memory of a loved one.

As a 'Mill Angel', you'll enjoy all the benefits of the annual 'Friends of The Mill' membership, plus a champagne receptionwith the cast of each show you attend.

For more information on becoming a lifetime patron,
please contact Sally Hughes, Managing Director on:

(0118) 969 7082

Current Mill Angels

So far we have several supporters including:

Mr Len and Mrs Ann Roberts

Ray Cooney - Playwright

Alvin Rakoff - Film Director

Laurie Marsh* - Philanthropist Extraordinaire

Mike Glasspell - Creative Director

Jeremy Gilmore - IT consultant

Chris Barber - Consultant Chef

* Laurie has just published a book called The Philanthropists Tale and he is donating the profits from any books that our patrons buy, to The Mill. Check out his website at: